Tracking Club

The Nature Guelph Tracking Club is up and running again this winter! These outings are open to anyone and everyone interested in identifying animal tracks – all skill levels are welcome. Please bring water, a lunch and a thermos with your favourite beverage for full-day tracking programs, and dress for the weather.  If there is deep snow, please bring snowshoes.  If you have questions (or need to borrow a pair of snowshoes), contact Tamara Anderson at frogforest@hotmail.com. The following dates and locations are scheduled:

Sunday February 12, 2017
Animal Tracking 10am-12pm
Location TBD.  Please e-mail frogforest@hotmail.com if you would like to be on the mailing list.

Past events:

Sunday June 5, 2016
Bird Language Tracking
Meet at the Guelph Lake Nature Centre at 7:00am*

*Outings will run for approximately 2.5 hours.  The spring series is running in partnership with the Guelph Outdoor School.

Birds are the “alarm system” of the forest, broadcasting the whereabouts of hawks, owls, foxes and more through their calls and postures. During this tracking club outing, we will spend one hour sitting and listening for bird songs and alarms and observing the landscape for signs of mammal activity. Each person will choose their own location to sit so that we can return together at the end of the session to share stories and piece together the patterns of the landscape. We will map out our experiences from a birds-eye view. Beginner birders are welcome! Please bring a small notebook, a waterbottle and your six senses (the 6th sense is your sense of wonder) 🙂

Species Accounts Pages and Gratitude

I am grateful to the many sources that have shared information for the various species accounts on this blog. Many of the photos and tracking tips were gathered during a Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship Program with Naturalist Tracker Alexis Burnett through the Earth Tracks Outdoor School. Information and photos have also been collected through the Nature Guelph Tracking Club outings and numerous tracking trips with family and friends. I am always thankful for the stories and the teachings that the animals share. I hope that you enjoy these accounts of mammal, bird and invertebrate tracks and sign. T

2 thoughts on “About

  1. good morning

    I am looking for a nice image of a moose track in mud to use on a panel in Fundy National Park where I work and came upon yours.

    Would you be willing for us to use it.

    If so under what terms and do you have a high resolution version.

    Thanks and all the best

  2. Hello, I came across your fascinating website while looking to confirm online that Abert’s Squirrels here in northern Arizona are known to eat Lobsterized Russula mushrooms, as I’d just observed. http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/download/education/conservation/wildlife-notes/mammals/Aberts-Squirrel.pdf Thank you for your website. It takes me back to the wonderful biodiversity I observed and enjoyed during my childhood in Western New York State.

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