Here is an interesting track that we found while observing a sandy trail:

june 2014 062

Sauble Beach (June 2014)

Fortunately the trail-maker was a short ways down the trail.  Tom Brown says that “If you track fast enough, you can find a set of tracks with the animal’s feet still in them.”  I cannot guarantee that speed was a factor in this success;)

june 2014 063

Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Sauble Beach (June 2014)


3 thoughts on “Invertebrates

  1. I think this is a great blog but you might want to
    try to find a litle more info. I can help out.;3

    • An Eastern Tent Caterpillar is a pest native to North America, but they are quite CUTE. Their chrysalids are usually white and fluffy. Their eggs are laid in a bunch of mabye 100-1000 (not certain). Their nests kind of look like a spider web. Their hair kind of looks like there are eyes on their back. That’s it for now and I will have more info soon. ;3

      • Thanks for your comments Katryna! You did alot of research. Please comment on my blog anytime:)

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