Realm of the Polar Bear

Realm of the Polar Bear
By Tamara Anderson
December, 2014

Here, the sun rises
In the Southeast
And polar bears dream
Of ringed seal feasts.

Eager sailors watch for
Dark skies over the Bay
Signalling open water
Where beluga whales play.

Rivers wind in between
This land of the wolverine,
Where willow and white spruce,
Guard gentle tracks of moose.

A mother’s den is near,
Her polar bear home
Is a peat-carved dome
For cubs that she will rear.

The bears wait like yogis,
Patient as coyotes,
Playfully, they sparr
Under the North Star.

Digging soft beds
Where the snow is deep
Bears rest their furry heads
And go to sleep.

An arctic fox glides over the rocks
Where snow wraps around stone
A carver’s embrace
Reveals an animal’s grace,
In earthy gems that are wind-blown.

Curtains open over the ocean,
A dance begins with whispering winds
Shimmering green light in the cold night:
An epic ballet, an Aurora display.

The dawn light warms
Old-growth tundra trees
When the ice forms,
Bears say “Glory Be!”

Yellow fur, black nose
Long claws and soft toes,
Hidden in a fierce disguise,
Are soulful, pleading brown eyes

This beautiful face
In a snow covered place
Of flagged trees, frozen ponds and granite
Begs; “Please! Take care of our planet!”

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