American Bullfrog

Kissing a bullfrog in Algonquin Park:

Algonquin Park, 2007

Algonquin Park, 2007

Frog tracks. These tracks were likely made while a frog floated on the surface of the water. The frog’s legs were suspended in the water, just above the bottom. Lines in the muddy bottom were created by dangling frog toes. When the pool of water dries up, these lines remain as a mysterious “frog track”. (Lockyer Pits in Orangeville, May 2014).

Frog Tracks

Frog Tracks

Here is a photo of a bullfrog that was taken while on a canoe trip on the northwest side of Algonquin Park in 2012.  This bullfrog is a female.  The tympanum (eardrum) is roughly equal in size to the eye:


Here is another sweet bullfrog photo taken at the same portage somewhere between lake Manitou and North Tea Lake, Algonquin Park (2012).  There is an amazing waterfall along this portage – a perfect place to sit and enjoy a natural back massage.







This is a female bullfrog (note that the size of the typanum/ear drum is equal to or smaller than the eye = female). (Lockyer Pits in Orangeville, May 2014).

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