Garter Snake

Sauble Beach, June 2014

Sauble Beach, June 2014

This snake skin was found between a couple of rocks near the shore of Lake Huron. A few metres away, we had found a garter snake that was about the same size. This is a beautiful example of a snake leaving a track behind – its intact, shed skin.

Sauble Beach, 2014

Sauble Beach, 2014

This linear track crossed a sandy path and we believe it is from a garter snake.  Interestingly, the sandy path was shaped like a “u” which meant that the snake had to come downhill on one side and go uphill on the other side.  One side showed a very straight, linear track like the one in the photo while the other side of the snake trail showed an “s” shaped track as the snake put more energy into its movement.  We assumed that the linear track was left as the snake moved downhill, with gravity and the “s” shaped track was created as the snake slithered up hill, against gravity.  This helped us figure out the snake’s direction of travel.  Very cool.

Question: Do snakes use their large under-scales to help them move?

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