Song Sparrow

This next photo was taken while walking just inland from Georgian Bay.  We saw a bird fly up from this nest and then saw the eggs.  We watched from a distance and observed a nearby Song Sparrow. After confirming with the Peterson’s guide to Bird’s nests, we decided that this was a song sparrow nest. It was on the ground in an open, grassy area with a few cedar trees. To me, the eggs even look like little song sparrows:)

Song Sparrow Nest, June 2014

Song Sparrow Nest, June 2014

In July, while Ann’s mum Beverly was whipper snipping along the pasture fence line, she found this nest of baby sparrows.  After watching the cedar fence line for a while, a song sparrow came into view with some green-coloured material (bugs?) in its beak.  The nest was about 2 feet off off of the ground in some tall grassy plants. Here is a photo of the nest with three? babies that look close to being ready to fledge:

Song Sparrows, July 2014

Song Sparrows, July 2014

I learned that song sparrow nests are one of the most frequently reported hosts of Brown-headed cowbird eggs.  Song sparrows can also have 2 and sometimes 3 broods.  This helped explain why this nest seemed a little late in the season (end of July).  Perhaps it was a 2nd or 3rd brood?

Song Sparrow Parent

Song Sparrow Parent


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